Selling Tips

Selling Tips For You 
  • Select the right price - Anything can be sold if the price is right.

Browse more ads of the same type and select a reasonable price. Choose prices based on how much buyers are willing to pay. Remember that the lower the price is mainly higher on demand.

  • Use good quality clickable pictures.

Use Original Images - Buyers are 10 times more likely to see original images using ads in the ad catalog.

Take clear photographs - Take pictures from different perspectives inadequate light.

  • Describe everything clearly in your Ad Description.

Appealing description = attract more buyers!.

Provide keywords and information that attract more customers.

Do not support lies when describing any information.

  • Promote your advertisement!.

  • Advertised ads are viewed 10 times more often.

  • More visitors = More interested buyers

A large number of interested buyers have a good chance of selling quickly at your desired price.

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