How To Buy and Sell Quickly?

How To Buy and Sell Quickly: 

Quick, Secure & Easy Purchase straight to your door from Ajkerdeal Online Site!

Now sit at home and shop from Ajkerdeal. Moreover, place an order by clicking on Ajkerdeal Apps, we will deliver the desired product to your address.

You will get an advantage from our Consumer Protection Program when purchasing products using Ajkerdeal Apps.

If there is a mismatch between the product you deliver and the ad, we will replace it for free.

How does Ajkerdeal Apps Works?

  • Click on Ajkerdeal Apps and place your order. You can choose the option of cash on delivery or online payment if you want.

  • You will be called to confirm your order from and arrange for a timely delivery.

  • Ajkerdeal will deliver the product to your desired address.

  • Customer Protection = If the product delivered does not match the description of the ad, we will replace it for free.

Shopping Facility From Ajkerdeal 

All the benefits that Buyers will get-

  • Deliver the product to your doorstep

  • No need to meet a stranger

  • Completely safe shopping

All the benefits that Sellers will get--

  • Sell ​​your products in a risk-free way.

  • Ajkerdeal brings the real buyer for you.

  • Pay only when your product is sold.

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