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People are naturally attracted to perfumes or fragrances. People have been fascinated by the fragrance from the past. Since ancient times, people have been using natural products to make perfumes. The passion for perfume is the ideal of the prophets and messengers. The use of perfume and fragrance is also the circumcision of the Prophet (SAW). Perfume is an important ingredient in various occasions and religious ceremonies. Attar is considered a symbol of holiness.

The History of Perfume

The use of perfume is seen in the rituals of almost all religions of the world. As such, the history of perfume is as ancient as the history of religion. The use of perfume is known in the descriptions of the oldest scriptures of the world.

There is much debate about where, when, and when the perfume originated. The process of making perfume began in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt. A perfume factory founded four thousand years ago has also been found in Cyprus. The Romans and Persians modernized the process of making perfume.

All the famous perfumes of the world are usually made from the extracts of agar, musk or mriganavi, flowers and fruits. The name of the perfume also varies as an extract. For example, perfume made from fruits is called 'Fawaki' and perfume made from flowers is called 'Zahra'.

But the king of all perfumes is musk. The origin of the navel is a special type of deer in the highlands. Only 60 to 65 grams of musk can be obtained from a mature mriganavi. The names of musk are also different in the mixture, such as - Meshak Amber, Samamatul Amber, etc. Sandalwood is mixed with musk to make ‘Samamatul Amber’, and sandalwood is mixed with Samamatul Amber again to make the ‘Meshak Amber.’


Agar is a hilly type of tree. Perfume is made from the bark of agarwood. Fragrances are made from the roots and roots of a type of grass.

Perfume is made from the extract of all fragrant flowers. Of these, nightshade, belly flower and rose flower are in high demand. Perfumes are also made by mixing different flowers, such as 'Alf Zahra'. Bulgaria is famous for its rose perfume, followed by Turkey and India.

In addition to local perfumes, perfumes from Europe and the Middle East are also available in our country. Notable among the various types of perfumes are - Ud, Ud Amiri, Jannatul Ferdous, Jannatul Naeem, Al-Faraz, Sultan, Rose, Twin Flower, Kasturi, Borak, Khalatat Al Muluk, etc. In addition, the world famous Al Ghazal Kasturi and Shamatul Amber perfume are found in Bangladesh. Sultan, Ud, Kasturi made from deer navel, Hayapi, Atifa Atar, Mokhallat, etc. are very good in quality.

The Love for Perfume of Our Beloved Prophet (SAW) 

The Prophet (SAW) loved perfume and he himself was the originator of perfume. Without using perfume, his body would spread a holy fragrance always. The fragrance of his body could be felt from a distance. The hearts and minds of those who approached him were filled. Any meeting would be fragrant with the pure scent of his body.

Anas Ibn Malik (SAW) narrated, "I have never smelled anything more hearty than the fragrance of the Prophet (SAW)." Yet the Prophet (SAW) used perfume. In another narration from Anas, the Prophet (SAW) said, ‘The fragrance of the earth has been made dear to me and the coolness of my eyes has been kept inside the prayers.’ (Nasai, Hadith: 3939). The Prophet (SAW) liked perfume as a gift and encouraged the exchange of perfume. For example, it has been narrated in the hadith that if someone gave a perfume to the Prophet (SAW), he would accept it. He would not return and he also forbade the returning of any perfume. (Bukhari, Hadith: 5585).

The Prophet (SAW) liked any kind of perfume. He (SAW) liked Meshak very much. It is made from the navel of a deer. Abu Saeed Khudri (RA) said that the Prophet (SAW) said, ‘The best perfume is meshak.’ (Tirmidhi, Hadith: 912). The perfume of meshak, sandalwood and saffron was used by the Prophet (SAW). It is understood that the Prophet (SAW) used a variety of perfumes. Ayesha (RA) was asked what kind of perfume the Prophet (SAW) used. In reply, he said, "The Prophet (SAW) used to use perfume of meshak and amber." (Nasai Sharif, Hadith: 5026). It is narrated from Hazrat Ayesha (RA) in the book 'Al-Kamel' that 'Rasulullah (SAW)' s favorite perfume was meshak and sandalwood. '


Halal perfume company Lafz, which has aroused response in the international market, has started its journey in Bangladesh. Lafz's halal body spray is available in all elite shopping malls and megashops of the country including Dhaka. They still do not have a showroom of their own. Different body sprays of different flavors from Lafz are attracting the attention of the customers. However, the main reason for the interest of consumers is the assurance of 100% halal.

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