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Home Steam Bath Generator 

A Steam bath generator is such a piece of equipment, that helps to make steam for bathing. The generator has an electronic control system with a digital display. The temperature can be within 30 to 60 degrees centigrade. The time duration is 15 to 240 minutes or continual operation. The generator has a keyboard lock, keys for a steam room light, manual drain down, etc. For Aromatherapy, the steam inlets nozzle with facility for crushed herbs and essential oils. Some more special features generally present in a Home Steam Generator are - thermal overload safety cut out, boil-dry protection, pressure relief valve, and many more.


The chicks that are nurtured reared on farms are not usually raised by their mothers. It is boiled artificially instead of the mother. The device that contains this method is called the incubator. Depending on the size and capacity of the incubator, hundreds or even thousands of eggs can be hatched together.


At present many large hatcheries are being operated with high-quality incubators. But the first use of artificial egg hatching machines or artificial incubators was made by the ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago. It can be said that they were the inventors of the incubator.

Features of an Egg Incubator

Automatically control the humidity of the eggs, control the excess humidity of the eggs automatically, automatically rotate the eggs to the correct degree, control the temperature of the eggs automatically, automatically control the excess temperature of the eggs, the convenience of using the correct parameters, the convenient hatchery control of the farm, etc. Incubators are usually divided into two types - automatic incubators, and hurricane-powered incubators.

Spiral Machine

This device has a touch-screen, which makes it accurate and convenient to use. Its maximum production speed is 40 kg/hr. Maximum dynamic speed 1200loop / min. Its spiral snake diameter is 1/4 "-2", maximum spiral length is 1200mm minimum. Working speed 10-15kg / hour, power consumption amount 2kw, net weight 234kg, power supply 220V.

Dental Equipment

This equipment contains a 2 pieces handpiece. 3 pieces sucker with air, water, and electronics system. It also has 2 piece 3-way syringes, an extra tray cover, a censor and manual system halogen light, a glass type patient tray, a tissue box holder, an extra unit cover, and a Hydraulic doctor's tool. 

Coffee Maker Machine

The best coffee makers will maintain a balanced, delicious cup that reflects the qualities we expect from coffee in terms of brightness, acidity, mouthwash, sweetness, and body. To do this, they need to heat the water to the right temperature and keep it there, as well as spread the water evenly over the soil for consistent drainage.

A well-known cup of coffee will hit a measurable exhaust mark between 18 and 22 percent, which indicates what percentage of the final dissolved liquid is consumed by the mass of the coffee ground. In an experiment, the examiners measured this percentage using a reflector. But the extraction was significantly less or extra extraction. Moreover, it can also be easily explained by the taste of some experienced coffee tasters.

A good coffee maker even with multiple special options should be relatively quick and easy to use. A housewife should just be able to walk and have a cup of coffee beans. You don't have to wait for ages to make coffee. A good machine will do it in less than 5 minutes. Using each machine, a cup of coffee can be made easily.


A coffee maker should be as clean as the brew at the end of the brew cycle and the necessary long-term maintenance. It should also be sturdy because it is something that will be used more than once a day. And beyond that, a high-end coffee maker should come up with a solid warranty.

Facial Steamer Machine

The work of the facial steamer machine is a professional facial treatment that is upgrading to 10x more efficient nano-steam tech to penetrate the skin up to nano vapor combined with ionic water particles. It helps to unblock the pores of one’s skin and improve the tone of one’s skin.

Using a Steamer Machine

Add water by measuring with a measuring cup. The marked maximum water level cannot be crossed. Switch on the power outlet with the plug on, steam will be generated and released 2 minutes after the switch is turned on. The mouth should be placed 3 cm or more away from the edge of the nozzle to make sure that the steam is covering the whole face. Press the switch to turn off the power after steaming. Then take care of your normal skin, otherwise, the face may feel dry.

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