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Gadgets refer to different types of electrical appliances, such as digital cameras, action cameras, laptops, desktops, keyboards, monitors, CPUs, USB gadgets, VR boxes, and so on. Today, Deal Classifieds offers a wide range of new, old, and used electronics at affordable prices across 64 districts of Bangladesh. So if you want to buy new products at low prices, visit Ajkerdeal Classifieds today.


You must have enough knowledge to know which laptop will be good or how to choose a good laptop. Because, it is important to differentiate between a bad and a good laptop because if you know the difference, it is possible to buy a good quality laptop.

However, when buying a laptop, you must keep in mind the budget. The features of the laptop also depend on the purpose for which the laptop will be purchased. For example, if you want to work in graphics design, for gaming or to run heavy software, you have to use a laptop for that specific purpose.

Features to look for when purchasing a good laptop -

  • Brand

    • Laptops of different brands are available in the market now, such as Dell, Asus, HP, Lenovo, Acer, etc. If you want to buy a very good brand laptop, there is no alternative to Dell, HP, or Asus brand. These brands are very popular in the laptop world and they provide very good service. Besides, if you want to take a medium quality laptop, Acer or Lenovo will be better.
  • CPU or Processor

    • The processor is the brain of the computer. So when buying a laptop, you need to pay attention to which processor. The speed and performance of a laptop depending on the processor. There are currently two types of processors available in the market, AMD and Intel. Technically, AMD is far ahead of Intel. You can select your choice from any AMD or Intel processor.
  • Display Quality

    • Since you have to work by looking at the display of the laptop, you must pay attention to the quality of the display before buying the laptop. When buying a laptop, you should also look at the resolution of the laptop. 1080P i.e. full HD display is ideal for all tasks. If for some reason it is not possible to buy a full HD screen, then it is better to buy at least an HD or 720p screen laptop.
  • Size

    • The size of the laptop needs to be adjusted based on what type of laptop to buy. If one wants to use a laptop for easy carrying, it would be wise to buy a notebook for him. And if you want to work a little more, you have to buy a classic laptop.

Digital Camera

Photography is many people’s hobby. But now many are not just nurturing their hobbies, they are working as professional photographers. This requires a DSLR camera. Many people dream of buying a good camera. The budget is very important for buying a camera. In the beginning, many people could not buy the camera of their choice due to a lack of budget. So new photographers prefer cameras that can take good pictures with a budget.

If you are a new photographer or want to learn photography, you must look for a smooth camera that has the option to shoot in both manual and automatic modes. In addition to the manual speed of shutter speed, aperture, focus, a user will gradually become accustomed to using SLR cameras. However, buying an automatic camera at a low price, you can not expect high-quality pictures with it You have to pay a good price to get good quality pictures.

If you want to develop yourself as a good photographer or if you want to choose photography as a profession then you must choose a good quality camera. Cameras range in size from 3.2 megapixels to higher megapixels. High-end cameras also have the ability to change lenses with both manual and automatic modes. These can be used to change the work conveniently.

Many companies have genuine automatic cameras in the market Popular and large companies like Fuji, Canon, Sony, Olympus, etc. make high-quality cameras as well as ordinary cameras.

Some popular cameras are given below -

  • Nikon D5600

    • The Nikon D5600 camera has almost all the features. Such as- 5 fps shooting speed, 24.2 megapixels APS-C CMOS sensor, 1080p video recording facility, etc. In addition, the camera may be the best choice for many due to several additional benefits.

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