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Processor & Motherboard

Processor & Motherboard

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Processor or CPU

The CPU or Central Processing Unit is considered the brain of the computer. All the controlling of a computer is done from this processor. On a computer, all types of work are done and managed through the processor. 

The computer processor or CPU has a different way of controlling each task, which means that the CPU controls and completes each instruction input into the computer differently. This is called ISA or Instruction Set Architecture. ISA controls all kinds tasks of CPUs. Many computer processors, both old and new, use a variety of instruction set architectures, including the Harvard and von neu mann CPU architectures. They have different characteristics and way of working.

In the past, the computer processors used separate instruction sets and data caches. CPU and Memory’s protection was enhanced by using separate microcontrollers. This would have made the processor much more dynamic. Physical space separation is one of the many parts or methods of ISA. It is used to set physical instructions in the processor and separate registers for data codes and separate mechanisms.

The processor began to evolve with the modern technology. Currently there are processors for supercomputers that are capable of working much faster. Currently, the two most popular processors for computers are Intel and AMD, respectively, and the processors for smartphones are MediaTek and Qualcomm.

The Working Procedure of a Processor

The computer's CPU calculates in a matter of seconds. This instruction of computer work goes through 0 and 1. That is, 0 means off and 1 means on. And each of these is taken as 1 bit. When the computer is set to 0, one of the billions of transistors in the processor shuts down and turns on again.


Motherboard computers are used in more different gadgets than laptops and mobiles. The motherboard is a computer hardware component such as CPU, hard disk, RAM these are all hardware components.

The motherboard is called the main circuit board, logic board system board, or mobo. A motherboard is an important circuit board connected to a computer or laptop that connects all the components of a computer. For example, CPU, hard disk, power supply, RAM, monitor, mouse, keyboard, etc. All computer parts are connected to the motherboard. Some of the notable components of the motherboard are - CPU, 20-pin APX power connector, RAM memory slot, ID connection, AGP slot,  Mouse Slot, Keyboard slot, Northbridge, Southbridge, CMOS battery, PCI slot, Ethernet port, Audio port, USB port, VGA slot, HDMI port, phone or modem port, and many more. 

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