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Bags are a very necessary fashion product for girls. Girls can't think of going out without bags. The shape and design of the girls' bag change as needed. For example, backpacks for school, large handbags for college or varsity, medium-sized handbags for going to the office, and small clutch bags for going to parties are used. Nowadays girls, as well as boys, are using bags to carry things.  Especially those who ride bicycles and bikes, and deliverymen from different companies are using different sized bags to carry the goods. So nowadays everyone is using bags as per the need. It goes without saying that bags are important in everyday work.


AjkerDeal Classified has a huge collection of different new and used bags. You can choose the bag of your choice from this collection. So browse AjkerDeal classified and find the bag you need.

Buy Fashionable and Stylish Bags from AjkerDeal Classifieds

If you want to choose stylish bags and backpacks for girls or fashionable backpacks for girls, there are different styles of travel bags, handbags, college bags, shoulder bags, office bags, top handle bags, crossbody bags, tote bags, party bags, You can find the bag of your choice from the girl’s purse and wallet bag.


Many people prefer fabric bags printed in different colors. For these girls who are fans of attractive color and design-conscious fabric bags, various types of multi-color printed fabric backpacks including printed backpacks, fabric bags, multicolor bags are available here.


Also for fashion-conscious girls, there are denim bags, gabardine bags, polyester bags, etc. bags of various beautiful and attractive designs. Artificial leather backpacks for girls along with leather bags are also available on our website. According to the preferences and needs of school-going girls, school bags include stylish girls school backpacks, multi-color school backpacks, colorful and stylish schoolbags with pictures of various popular cartoon characters, such as Barbie, Disney Princess, Snow White, Cinderella, Elsa, Anna, etc. Printed schoolbag, which your little girl will like a lot.

Bags According to the Season

In our country, in the rainy season, girls often have to read in embarrassing and annoying condition with bags. Because of the bag is not waterproof, all the things inside the bag, even the valuable papers, can get wet and ruined. So to avoid this embarrassing and annoying situation by saving your bag from the rain in the rainy season, waterproof or waterproof bags for girls of different designs and sizes have been brought to Ajkerdil Classified. Not only waterproof bags for girls, but also waterproof bags for boys.


Few Popular Designed Bags


This backpack full of books can be seen on the shoulders of school or college children. With that, many people use such bags even when they go for a walk.

Messenger Bag

The most popular and stylish bag of the present time is the messenger bag. This bag hanging on one side of the shoulder is now quite popular. The girls are using messenger bags with clothes like fatua, jeans shirt, Kurti, etc.


There are two types of purses to carry, party-type purse or casual purse. A matched purse with a sari or gorgeous salwar-kameez or lehenga completes the festive outfit.

Tote Bag

This bag is now the most popular among women. The sleeve of this bag is a little bigger in shape.



  • Where the lowest bag and purse will be found online in Bangladesh? 


Answer: AjkerDeal Classified is the best where you can buy used bags at the cheapest price in Bangladesh online. We have a user-friendly website where you can easily search for your necessary bags and buy them. 


  • What you should carry in your bag?


Answer: in your bag, you can carry things depends on your choice. But generally one keeps a smartphone, headphone, mobile charger or power bank, a pen with notepad, a handkerchief, a packet of tissue, a sunscreen, a small makeup kit, and many more according to the choice.


  • What is a shoulder bag?


Answer: A shoulder bag is the best kind of bag for carrying. It is mostly used for school going, traveling, going outside, etc. The weight is carried in the shoulder, so it can be used with comfortable.  


  • What is a purse or a clutch?


Answer: Generally, a purse is a fashionable bag. It is mostly used in the parties or occasions. This is a handy bag, so many things cannot be carried in this bag. 


  • Which is the most popular color for a bag?


Answer: Black is the most common color for any kind of bag. But nowadays, girls are carrying bags with matching their dress.

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